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Steni Cladding Range

Steni Cladding Materials

Euroform offer a wide range of Steni cladding products, including Steni Stoneflex, Steni Nature and Steni Colour, for a wide range of building applications.

Steni Stoneflex Cladding PanelsStoneflex cladding panels, designed for the modular building industry.

Stoneflex is glass fibre reinforced polyester resin cladding panel built up to provide a surface finish of natural stone. The panels are available in eleven natural stone colours and in four aggregate sizes. Our composite panels are supplied cut to size or in standard sheet 3000 x 1200.

Stoneflex composite panels are durable, maintenance free and unaffected by extremes of climate. Panels are made to and meet Class “0” of the Building Regulations.


  • Fire rated to Class ‘0’
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Maintenance Free
  • Suitable for year round installation
  • Chemical and rot proof
  • Will not delaminate
  • Long lasting
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Unaffected by extremes of climate

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Steni Nature Cladding MaterialsSteni nature facade panel is a fibreglass reinforced polymer composite panel with surface of aggregated nature stones.

Steni nature is available in 17 different natural stone colours, and up to 5 different grades in many of these colours; type FM (fine micro), F (fine), M (medium), C (coarse) and CT (coarse tumbled). The stones come from different parts of Europe. Special stone can be ordered for larger projects.

The facade panel is developed to give a natural appearance and is also very suitable in combination with other materials like wood and plaster.


  • 100% weather- and water-resistant
  • Can be submerged without delaminating or swelling
  • Retains its mechanical properties
  • UV Resistant
  • Shock- and impact-resistant
  • Chemical neutral
  • Recyclable
  • 25-year function warranty

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Steni Colour Cladding PanelsSteni colour facade panel is a fibreglass reinforced polymer composite panel, with a smooth surface of electron beam cured acrylic (100 % acrylic, without the use of solvents).

Steni colour has 44 standard colours available in 3 different gloss levels: M (matt), HM (half matt) and HG (high gloss). In addition to this Steni colour can be delivered in almost any special colour from the NCS-, RAL- or BS- colour system.

Steni colour is supplied in thicknesses, type 6 and type 7.


  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Excellent colour quality over time
  • Impact resistant, without the risk of cracking
  • The cladding is not affected by humid climates or frost

For further details, call us now on 01925 860999.

Steni cladding products have been successfully installed in a range of projects across the UK, from new build to facade renovation, including schools, hospitals, residential tower blocks and mixed-use projects such as the ambitious Derwent Living development in London.