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EZWallâ„¢ Real Brick Cladding System, a high-performance exterior and interior brick panel system for residential, commercial and industrial cladding.

Euroform’s EZWall™ cladding system cleverly combines the advantages of modern construction techniques with the appeal of traditional brickwork.

Installation is much quicker than traditionally built masonry and to a higher quality standard. It’s ideal for use as a durable, decorative finish to vertical external walls. EZWall™ is suitable for cladding to masonry, dense concrete, modular units, timber or metal frames on existing or new build structures.

The EZWallâ„¢ brick cladding system is backed up by a dedicated technical department, with a brick colour matching and cutting service available.

EZWallâ„¢ Offers designers a choice of sizes, patterns, finishes, textures and brick types; contractors various methods of installation to fit budget, site and project; and owners a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and maintenance free wall system.

Overall Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight (Approx. 35Kg M2)
  • Easy to use – no skilled labour
  • Freedom of Design
  • Feature brickwork
  • Can match to existing brick
  • Faster simpler installation methods
  • Full site take off

EZWallâ„¢ Architectural Steel Panel Benefits:

  • Tensile strength of steel will carry sidewall wind loading – particularly in diaphragm engineered systems.
  • Allows you to fasten anywhere through the panel for even weight distribution or loading on the wall, using industry standard fasteners.
  • Steel ledge for the thin veneer’s shear weight to rest on a true mechanical (structural) support system.
  • High fastener pull-through strength for panel support and integrity.
  • A Double-steel tab spaces the thin veneer horizontally and vertically on the panel for easy installation.
  • Hardened steel sheets help brace the wall, minimising wall racking.
  • Zinc-coated galvanised to G-90 for rust prevention for heavy-duty commercial applications.
  • Architectural grade steel has approximately the same co-efficient of thermal expansion as thin veneer and mortar.
  • Steel sheet is fastened and applied to wall like any other standard siding – no special clips, hooks, trims, or strips needed.

The EZWall™ system utilises a 27-gauge galvanised, paint-coated, stucco embossed panels for use with thin brick veneers, tile and stone veneers. The panel is 1220mm x 1220mm and weighs approximately 35kg/m²

Specify with confidence:

  • Dual-Weeping mechanism design for superior drainage of accumulated moisture
  • Brick ties under each brick for a true mechanical support system
  • Full Depth Mortar Joints: Provides years of strength & durability
  • No Special Clips Required: Readily available industry standard coated fasteners are all that is required
  • Architectural G-90 Stucco Embossed Steel Creates an air equalisation cavity, Reduces point loading, Assures straight and uniform bed joints
  • EIFS Exterior Insulation Finish System
  • Installation Service Available

EZWallâ„¢ can be fitted to all types of substrates, and many features and brick patterns can be installed.

EZWallâ„¢ has been used by major house-builders and contractors for new build and refurbishments or in areas that have no load bearing support structure.


EZWallâ„¢ is extremely easy to install, requiring very little in the way of specialist knowledge and tools. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

Just follow the simple instructions outlined below. And don’t forget, our technical team are always on hand to provide support and advice. You can contact us on 01925 860999 or by using the online contact form on the right.

EZWall installation

  1. Apply breather membrane and EZ Wallâ„¢ backing panel.
  2. Using EZWallâ„¢ adhesive, bond the brick to the EZWallâ„¢ backing panel.
  3. Mortar the gaps for the final finish.

Download our latest brochure here.

The desire to achieve a traditional architectural finish doesn’t have to be at odds with modern methods of construction. Real brick slips, such as Euroform’s EZ Wall offer the best of both worlds. Beneath a traditional exterior, lightweight, cost-effective and sustainable materials ensure compliance with all current Building Regulations. And brick slips aren’t just a pretty facade. Beneath EZ Wall is a unique, patented steel frame system offering a host of additional benefits such as high tensile strength, which provides exceptional wind loading and racking, and a Dual Weeping Mechanism ensuring excellent drainage.

Euroform Respond to TV SOS with EZWall Real-Brick Slip System!

EZWall real brick slip system TV onlyEuroform Products have supplied their EZWall real-brick slip system and Versapanel cement particle board to a family to be featured on an episode of the BBC’s DIY SOS: The Big Build, to be broadcast next summer. EZWall and Versapanel were used as part of an extension and improvements that will bring a life-changing transformation to the home of the family in Warrington.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the building projects are carried out by local construction businesses donating their time and materials and working to an extremely tight schedule. This project was no different. Fortunately, both EZWall and Versapanel lend themselves to fast-build projects. We were delighted to have been invited to participate. Not only were we able to do something positive for the local community, we also had an opportunity to demonstrate just how fast and effective the Euroform EZWall Real Brick Slip System can be. Read on, or watch the short video slideshow below.

The Versapanel was fixed to a timber frame system, acting as a substrate for subsequent layers, including the EZWall real-brick slip system. Because EZWall uses real-brick slips, new extensions can be seamlessly blended with existing brickwork.

EZWall also utilises a galvanised zinc-coated steel siding which affixes to the substrate without the need for any specialised components. This steel siding provides even weight distribution, sidewall wind loading. Double-steel tabs not only allow the brick veneer’s shear weight to rest on a true mechanical (structural) support system, they also distribute the brick slips evenly and easily across he siding, creating the appearance of flawlessly executed brickwork.

Euroform not only provided materials to the family appearing on the show, they also provided manpower. Factory Supervisor, Jim Nicholson, and Sales Office Supervisor, Mark Atkinson, were on site for three days in pretty unpleasant November conditions. The DIY SOS team were very welcoming and, according to all, there was ‘a real buzz’ onsite, with the EZWall system attracting a lot of interest.