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Bespoke and Off-the-shelf GRP Canopies

Bespoke and Standard GRP Canopies

Whether it’s a canopy for a bay window, a porch or an overdoor canopy, GRP is the perfect construction material. Although GRP is lightweight, easy to install and even easier to maintain, it is also surprisingly robust.

GRP is favoured in construction applications thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, which is superior to equivalent metals, for example. So, although there are stronger metals out there, they cannot match the strength of GRP at the same weight. And when it comes to the protruding aspects of a building, such as a canopy, this strength-to-weight ratio means even large and elaborate designs can be supported without the need for expensive and often difficult to incorporate joists.

And because GRP in its ‘wet state’ is extremely controllable, almost any design can be achieved. Which means, although we offer a wide range of stock items, we are particularly proud of our bespoke offering, creating GRP canopies to meet a wide range of aesthetic and architectural styles, including:

  • Edwardian
  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • Colonial
  • Romanesque
  • Baroque

Our GRP canopies don't simply benefit from the material from which they are constructed. By virtue of being off-site construction products, a host of additional benefits are passed on to the contractor, subcontractor or self-builder.

Off-site construction reduces project timescales as products can be produced off-site concurrently. Fewer trades are required on-site, increasing logistical efficiencies and reducing site disruption. Because off-site construction products are produced and manufactured in a factory environment, higher levels of quality control can be expected. Construction sites, particularly those in built-up areas, can suffer from limited access for the kind of machinery required to construct the equivalent on-site product. Off-site construction eliminates these issues.

The self-builder can inspect off-site construction products, such as GRP canopies, before they are installed, identifying any potential issues prior to installation. This is not a luxury afforded to on-site construction products and methods; often, an issue isn't identified until it is too late.

GRP Bay Window Canopy

GRP Bay Window Canopies

GRP Overdoor Canopy

GRP Overdoor Canopies