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Bespoke GRP Dovecotes and Cupolas

GRP dovecotes and cupolas can be used purely for decorative purposes, particularly to add period authenticity, but they also have a practical application in that they are very effective at ‘daylighting’ converted roof spaces, such as loft conversions.

GRP Dovecote with Pagoda Roof DetailAlthough GRP dovecotes and cupolas are most often regarded as an aesthetic flourish, Euroform take as practical an approach to their design and manufacture as they do to all their construction products, from fire resistant building boards to acoustic flooring solutions. Consequently, our GRP cupolas and dovecotes are robust items, built to last. We’ve even created a GRP cupola that included a fully functioning lightning rod.

We are able to design and manufacture completely bespoke GRP cupolas and dovecotes to fulfil your design requirements, in any colour, texture or style of finish. The roof can be finished in a grey slate-effect, lead, bright copper or verdigris (green ‘antiqued’ copper). The style of roof is entirely up to you: pagoda, ogee, pyramid, dome, hipped, bell-style… The choice is yours.

GRP cupolaThe benefits of a GRP cupola or dovecote are, essentially, those of GRP itself:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight, so large, elaborate designs can be supported easily
  • A quality-controlled product
  • Reduced labour and material costs