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Magnalinerâ„¢ is a multipurpose board for use internally or externally, in a wide variety of applications including timber frame sheathing.


Typical Applications

  • Internal/External linings
  • Ceilings
  • Fascias/Soffits
  • Boiler backer
  • Infill panels
  • Partitions
  • Sheathing board for timber frame construction


  • Seamless jointing system available
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Suitable for decoration (ask for details)
  • Available in cut sizes and edge profiles for specialist applications
  • Non combustible

Technical Data

Density (average)
1050 Kg/m3 (+/- 100Kg)
Product Tolerances
Thickness-0.20mm to +0.40mm
Width-2.00mm to +2.00mm
Length-2.00mm to +2.00mm
Squareness5.00mm on diagonal difference
Bending Strength13.7N/mm2
Permissable Design
Surface Alkalinity9.5pH
Thermal Conductivity0.124W/mk
Bonding Agent
Odourless and bonding agent is free from formaldehyde
Fire Rating
BS 476 part 4/A1 non combustible to EN1716:2002 and 1182:2002
Dimensional Stability

Test ItemTest Result
Thickness Swelling
After 24 Hours Immersion0.2%
After Freeze/Thaw Test-0.1%
Moisture Exposure
Elongation Rate<0.9%
Water Absorption32%
Heat Exposure Deformation Rate<0.2%
Freeze/Thaw Test

Frozen at -17.5°c + 2.5°c continuously for over 16 hours. Kept frozen at -17.5°c for 4 hours. Thawed by immersing in water at approximately 20°c. Maintained at a temperature of 20°c ± 3°c for 5 hours. Freeze and thaw cycle is repeated 10 times.

Test result: No cracking, disintegration, crumbling, stripping occurs on the board and it achieves the Freeze/thaw value of 1.97%

We have the fixings to suit your application whether it is steel or a timber substrate. See table for fixing recommendations. For application of panel as sheathing in timber frame, contact Euroform technical for nailing locations.

Steel Substrate
Board Thickness
Screw Type
0.7 - 1.5mm
upto 16mm
EMF1 4.8 x 45mm
1.5 - 3.0mm
upto 16mm
EMF2 4.8 x 38mm
4.0 - 10mm
upto 16mm
EMF3 5.5 x 65mm
Timber Substrate
Board Thickness
Screw Type
upto 20mm
ETF1 4.8 x 60mm
upto 40mm
ETF2 4.8 x 80mm

Magnaliner Fixings

Magnalinerâ„¢ is 1050kg/m3 in density. It is also tested non-combustible to EN standards and is rated A1. Available in a choice of 6mm, 9mm or 12mm thick and a standard board size of 2400mm x 1200mm.

Resistant to:

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