Rendaboard: Render Base Board and Carrier Panel

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Rendaboard® is a modern practical construction material of outstanding performance. It is non-toxic, contains no hazardous volatiles and is asbestos and formaldehyde free.

Features & Benefits

Resistant to
Render Base Board Benefit Icons

  • Fully external/internal
  • Pull-out tests available
  • Resistant to attack against vermin
  • Non-toxic under fire
  • Fire rated
  • Rot resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Suitable for lightweight steel/timber frame systems
  • Textured face
  • BBA Approved with Weber Rent MT

Rendaboard® is suitable for a wide range of applications and meets stringent demands for ever-increasing building regulations for ever-higher standards of durability, safety and economy.

  • Timber frame structures

  • Steel frame structures

  • Renovation

  • New build

  • Sheathing boards

  • Infill panels

  • Carrier panels

  • Backer panels

Rendaboard Application

Technical Data

RendaboardRendaboard A1
Thickness (mm)
2400 x 1200mm
2400 x 1200mm
Fire Classification
Reaction to fireClass '0'BS EN ISO 1716
& 1182 rated A1
BS 476 Part 4
400mm and 600mm centres9mm/12mm
New Rendaboard tests with weber.rend MT system and Rendaboard® and Marmorit Finish

Euroform commissioned the following tests:

    • Wind Loading
    • Soft & Hard Body Impact
    • Bond Strength – incorporating hygrothermal freeze thaw conditions

All testing had a very successful outcome.

Full information available on request.

Wind Loading

After rigorous testing, Rendaboard® with a minimum render finish of 8mm is able to withstand the wind loads as given in the CWCT standards with a good safety factor against failure.
Full report available on request.

Rendaboard® has been tested and approved with the following coatings for compatibility:

weber.rend MT system
K&A Basecoat
SM700® and SM700 PRO®
Multi purpose fibre reinforced basecoat.
HPX Base
with 12mm Rendaboard®
Rollercoat / Reno-prep
Long life exterior weatherproof coatings with over
25 years proof of performance
Genesis Base Coat
with 12mm Rendaboard®
(applied to smooth face)
Maite Monocomposant, Parextherm,
Always check with the coatings manufacturer to ensure that the correct specification of render is applied to be used with the base board. You can also ask our technical team who will be happy to give you guidance.

Rendaboard A1 Non Combustible Render Base BoardEuroform have recently improved the Rendaboard® range by adding Rendaboard® A1. Possessing all the benefits of Rendaboard®, Rendaboard A1® is suitable for those applications that may require an A1 non-combustible direct render base board. Such applications might include certain high rise flats or offices, where building regulations demand that the mitigation of the spread of fire.

Euroform have worked extensively with leading coating manufacturers to test and approve the compatibility of Rendaboard® with a variety of polymeric coating systems for direct render applications.

Designed specifically for direct render applications, Rendaboard® is off—white in colour and has a textured face to one side for thin polymeric render applications
(unless otherwise advised).