Cement Particle Sheathing Boards for Steel Frame Systems

Steel Frame Systems and Sheathing Boards

The swift and dramatic expansion of steel frame system construction projects in the United Kingdom is testament to the many benefits that this approach provides, not least of which is the irresistible combination of reduced construction material costs and much faster build times. Euroform’s Versapanel cement particle board is the perfect construction partner for steel frame systems, with the Euroform technical team having worked closely with their counterparts in the steel frame system manufacturing industry for many years.

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About Versapanel


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Euroform’s Versapanel isn’t simply compatible with steel frame systems, it is the perfect construction partner for steel frame systems. A cement particle board with a twenty-year pedigree that has been rigorously tested not just as a building board in its own right but as part of a number of systems, including steel frame applications. We have worked closely with companies such as Metsec to ensure Versapanel meets all of their requirements.

And with the recent introduction of Euroform’s Versapanel Eco, we can make a significant contribution to the sustainability ambitions of any given construction project.

Sheathing Panel Case Study

Gogarth School Llandudno

Over the coming months, we will be building up a comprehensive database of case studies, from recent successes, such as Ysgol-y-Gogarth, in Llandudno, to the occasional ‘blast from the past’, revisiting earlier triumphs to demonstrate the durability and effectiveness of Euroform’s Versapanel.

About Steel Frame Systems (SFS)

Steel frame systems (or SFS as they are commonly known) consist of light-gauged, galvanised steel framing in ‘C’ and ‘U’ sections, forming the inner leaf of a facade and providing lateral support to most over-cladding materials.

There are two main steel frame systems, ‘infill’ and ‘continuous’. Infill is the most common, with the steel frame system installed inside the building from floor to soffit, effectively ‘infilling’ the external wall zone. Continuous walling systems tend to be constructed outside the building, ‘oversailing’ the primary structure; this has the advantage of maximising the internal footprint of the building.

Euroform Products have considerable experience in both types of steel frame system applications, working particularly closely with Metsec, the UK’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company providing products for the construction industry.


  • Speed of Build
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Reduction in Wet Trades
  • Internal Trades On-Site Sooner
  • Sustainable

Speed of Build/Lightweight Construction/Greater Accuracy

These three crucial factors are intrinsically linked. Construction times can be reduced by as much as 50% to 60% compared to traditional on-site construction techniques. Steel frame systems are quicker to construct because of the lightweight nature of the materials used, but this isn’t the most significant factor. It is, in fact, the accuracy with which the individual components are fabricated which has the most dramatic impact upon construction times. Produced in quality controlled environments, sections require no additional cutting or modifying on site because they are precision engineered to fit perfectly into their allotted place in the overall scheme.

Reduction in Wet Trades
Again, the reduction in the need for wet trades speeds up the construction process. No wet trades, no drying time, for example. So, the building is occupancy-ready a lot sooner.  Plus, less mess to clean up and the not-so-great British weather doesn’t impact quite so detrimentally upon the construction program.

Internal Trades On-Site Sooner
Because the construction process is so swift, a weather tight seal between the panels is achievable far sooner, allowing internal trades to start earlier in the construction. programme.

Steel has a very high re-use and recycling capability, with a re-use and recovery potential of up to an astonishing 94%. With greater emphasis being placed, quite rightly, upon sustainable construction, steel can more than hold its own when it comes to ‘Green Credentials’. Combine the sustainability of steel frame systems with Euroform’s Versapanel Eco, a cement particle board with FSC Chain of Custody certification, and said credentials can be significantly enhanced.


  • High-Rise Apartments
  • Student Accommodation
  • Education Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Industrial

Because steel frame systems are incredibly flexible and adaptable, the above is far from an exhaustive list. Steel frame systems can be used in practically any application where it makes commercial sense. Even in the United States where there is a deeply ingrained tradition for creating timber homes, steel frame alternatives are fast becoming the popular choice.