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Renovation To Floors

Versapanel® can be laid in either sheets or tongue and groove panels onto a variety of existing and new floor constructions to either provide a new floor or to upgrade the performance of an existing floor. Versapanel® can be used to replace floorboards or chipboard based systems to enable a higher performance specification to be achieved with the added advantage of Versapanels® long term maintenance free characteristics.

Timber joists with tongue & groove floorboards or close butted floorboards are the most common and oldest method of constructing a floor. After years of wear the working surface becomes worn and also has a tendency to distort.

A simple but effective solution to this problem is the use of Versapanel® tongue and groove flooring panels.

Versapanel® is normally cut into panel sizes that can be handled easily eg: 1220 x 610mm, the inherent properties of cement bonded particle board ensures the finished floor has the following properties:


Fire Resistance
Acoustic Performance
Rot Proof
Non Toxic
Resistance To Compression
Resistance To Fungus & Mould Growth
Containing No Fibres Or Hazardous Volatiles
Can Be Machined To Precise Measurements

For full construction details and relevent data on the above systems please contact Euroform Products Limited.

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