Versabacker Water Resistant Tile Backer Board

About Versabacker

Gypsum and Plywood products are commonly used as a tiling substrate in showers where stud walls are common. Both these substrates are susceptible to deterioration if moisture penetrates through a crack or joint on a tiled wall or floor. Constant moisture penetration will cause both products to degrade over time and result in moisture related problems.

Versabacker is a water resistant tile backer board that will not swell rot or degrade over time and can accept a number of finishes including wall and floor tiles. When Versabacker Tile Backer Board is used and installed as per the recommended guidelines, these problems should not occur.

Euroform Versabacker Tile Backer Board is manufactured using inorganic substances and alkaline resistant fibreglass mesh. The product is naturally cured using no energy through cold fusion unlike similar competitive products on the market which use autoclaving technology. This ensures that Versabacker Tile Backer Board has a relatively low impact on the environment.

Versabacker Tile Backer Board achieves its superior strength and flexibility by the introduction of two layers of alkaline resistant glass fibre mesh. Consistent high quality of the product is maintained and monitored through a sophisticated digitally controlled process to ensure a superior finished board always reaches our commitment to quality assurance.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Insulation Properties

  • Provides a high level of thermal movements during hot and cold cycles (Thermal Shock)

Impact Resistant

  • An ability to withstand abuse, including surface impact – 34 N/mm

Low Carbon Manufacturing Process

  • A natural cured process with a chemical reaction using low levels of heat and a lengthy drying out stage

Moisture & Water Resistant

  • Versabacker Tile Backer Boards will not physically deteriorate when subjected to water or moisture

Rodent Resistant

  • Resistant to rodent infestation like mice and rats (also resistant to insects)

Easy and Fast Workability

  • Easy and simple to prepare and attach. Rough surface allows application of renders or direct paint/wallpaper

Mould Resistant

  • Unlike paper faced/wood based products, does not contain cellulose, limiting mould growth


  • Ensures a healthy, durable working building with a natural ability to absorb and release moisture

Chemically Stable

  • Produced from natural inorganic raw materials, resulting in a strong, durable chemically stable board

Non-Hazardous to health

  • Will not cause harm to persons and/or the environment

Produced without asbestos or other inorganic fibres.


  • Internal Wet areas
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Swimming Pool
  • Areas of high moisture

Apart from accepting a variety of painted/polished finishes, Versabacker Tile Backer Board provides an excellent compatible surface to a wide range of finishing materials i.e. paints, tiles, veneers, laminates or indeed any finishing option that comes to the creative mind of an architect or interior designer. The acceptance of Versabacker Tile Backer Board in the highly competitive international market stands testimony to its superior attributes.


Euroform Versabacker Tile Backer Board is supplied as a rectangular board with square edges and white in colour.


  • 6 & 12 mm


  • 590 x 1195mm
  • 1200 x 1220mm
  • 1200 x 800mm
  • 1200 x 2400mm (full sheet size)

Special size requirements and thicknesses are also available upon request depending on quantity.


Test Subject TestResult
Density Dry (ex works) 1050 kg/m
Modulus of Rupture 20 Nmm2BSEN 31020 Nmm 2
Modulus of ElasticityBSEN 310 4.54 Nmm 2
Impact Strength (Brinell) 34 Nmm 2
Vapour ResistanceBSEN 12086 : 19972.0 MNs/g
Thermal Conductivity at 50° BSEN 594 0.307 w/m/ºk
Fire Test A1 EuroclassClass
Change in thickness
(After immersion in water)
BSEN 317 0 - 0.1% Nmm 2
Tensile Strength
(Perpendicular to plane)
BSEN 319 2.11 Nmm 2
Screw Withdrawal Strength BSEN 32081.1N/mm
Pull through resistance (12mm) BSEN 1382:1991.969 KN
Average Thickness Swelling BSEN 3210
Average Tensile StrengthBSEN 321 2.04 Nmm 2
Moisture Content BSEN 3220.036


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