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WeatherClad Low-Maintenance Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap wood-effect cladding panels


WeatherClad, a low-maintenance shiplap cladding is a wood effect autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced cement siding board manufactured from Portland cement, cellulose fibres, finely ground sand and water. WeatherClad® is supplied in a wide range of colours and wood stains.

  • Natural timber look with random embossed grain
  • Weather resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Split pallets available
  • Wide range of colours and stains
  • Easy to work and fix
  • Comprehensive range of colour matched profiles and trims available

WeatherClad® is a shiplap cladding system to be applied in the principles of a ventilated rainscreen. WeatherClad® is designed for external applications where superb durability and performance in a range of climates is required.

Supporting framing components must have adequate durability for the intended use and comply with applicable and appropriate national building codes.

Do not use WeatherClad® in areas where it may remain in contact with standing water.

Product size: 3600 x 209 x 7.5mm

Type of Test Tolerance
Bending Strength, MPa 7n/mm2 +0.1
Min Apparent Density, g/cm3 1320kg/m3 +0.01
a) Width Tolerance (mm) +0.71
b) Length Tolerance (mm) +0.71
c) Thickness Tolerance (mm) +0.26
d) Thickness % of difference
e) Straightness (%) +0.04
f) Squareness (%) +0.05
Squareness (mm/m) +0.46


  • Fixing instructions
  • Profile details
  • Storage and Handling

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