Versapanel Eco FSC Certified Cement Bonded Particle Board

Versapanel Eco Cement Particle Board

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Due to increasing demands for FSC® certified building products in the construction industry,Euroform are pleased to offer Versapanel Eco™ for supply where FSC® chain of custody is vital.

Euroform having invested years of experience, expertise and commitment to excellence in creating a cement particle board that is specified for its quality, performance and reliability. The result is Versapanel, one of the most comprehensively tested cement particle boards on the market.

It is unsurprising, therefore, to learn that Versapanel is the most searched for cement particle board online in the United Kingdom (according to independent data generated by Google).

There are several very good reasons why an architect might specify Versapanel, but chief amongst them is the fact that it’s manufactured to BS (British Standards) EN 634 1 and 2. British Standards are, according to the British Standards Institute, a “powerful tool” that “allows a company to… develop and maintain best practice” and acts “as a respected badge of quality, safety and performance”.

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Meticulously researched and aggressively tested, Versapanel is a product of which we are justifiably proud and a product in which you can be justifiably confident. Our goal with Versapanel was always to create a product that would become synonymous with ‘cement particle board’ in much the same way that Hoover is now synonymous with ‘vacuum cleaner’. Our latest research tells us we’re well on the way to achieving that goal.

Versapanel is:

  • Comprehensively tested
  • Class ‘O’ fire rating
  • Fully external/internal
  • Offers FSC Chain of Custody certification (see Versapanel Eco)
  • Rot, moisture and impact resist­ance
  • CE marked
  • Available in bespoke sizes and edge details
  • Has its own range of approved fixings

Versapanel is one of the most ver­satile building boards on the market and can be widely used in many projects for a range of applications such as:

  • Sheathing Panel for Steel Frame Systems
  • Sheathing Panel for External Wall Insulation
  • Partition Walls for Fire and Acoustic Performance
  • Acoustic Floors, Roof and Ceilings

We are confident that we have the cement particle board to suit the particular requirements of practically any construction project. Use the handy table below to select that Versapanel size, finish and detail for your needs.

Robust testing is at the heart of everything we do at Euroform and is very much a part of our ethos of continuous improvement. We don’t want Versapanel to simply be ‘fit for purpose’, meeting current building regulations because it has to; we want to a cement particle board that goes beyond current legislation and anticipate the legislative changes of tomorrow.

  • BS EN 634 1 and 2, governing particle boards’ and wood-based panels’ tensile strength, mechanical properties, density, load factors and resistance to humidity, frost and hard body impact.
  • BS 476 Part 22, determination of the fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of building construction when subjected to the heating and pressure conditions.
  • BS en 594:2011 Racking Test
  • BS EN 12086: 1997, determination of Water Vapour Transmission Properties
  • Concentrated/UDL Load Testing to EN 1195
  • Class ‘0’ Fire Rating
  • CE Marked

BREEAMThere are millions of pounds in ‘green grants’ available for construction projects that can clearly and measurably display their sustainability credentials. BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. BREEAM operate a number of schemes in the UK: BREEAM New Construction UK, BREEAM Communities UK, BREEAM In-Use, BREEAM Refurbishment UK, EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

BREEAM award points for ‘the responsible sourcing of materials’. It is not entirely surprising that cement-bonded particle boards are often overlooked in the pursuit of sustainable construction. With Versapanel Eco, Euroform are hoping to change that.

Because Versapanel Eco has FSC Chain of Custody certification, it is demonstrably a responsibly sourced material. The Chain of Custody certification scheme from the Forest Stewardship Council ensures the requisite percentage of wood content of Versapanel Eco has been sourced from sustainable forests with rigorous conservation and management standards.

What’s more, Versapanel Eco is also non-toxic, contains no hazardous volatiles and is asbestos and formaldehyde free, which means it can also qualify for BREEAM credits for minimising sources of air pollution.

FSC® independently issued Chain of Custody certification ensures the forest of origin is sustainable, the local ecosystem and biodiversity maintained and forest worker’s human rights safeguarded. And all of this is kept in check by rigorous, short-notice inspections and meticulous audit trails.


Is Versapanel still the same?

Yes, it’s exactly the same.

Why is it called Versapanel Ecoâ„¢?

This is to make it easier for the customer to order the FSC® compliant product.

Why not have all Versapanel as FSC® supply?

Due to high demand there will be limited availability and not all orders require FSC®.