WeatherClad Calcium Silicate Cladding Panels



WeatherClad is an aesthetically pleasing, wood grained effect plank that gives you a low maintenance alternative to traditional timber and PVCu.

WeatherClad is available in natural, Ral Colour Chart painted or woodstain finishes.

WeatherClad is covered by a 10 year weather erosion coating warranty – full details available on request.

WeatherClad can be used in a wide variety of applications because of its easy working, fixing and decorating characteristics.

  • A1 Non-Combustible
  • Resistant to rot and mould
  • Robust
  • Sustainable
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully external
No minimum quantity
Order in the amount, colour or wood stain that you require. We can turn orders around very quickly, in fact orders could be with you within two weeks!

WeatherClad Siding Sizes
(30mm overlap required when fixing)
WeatherClad Siding is pre-cut in size for applications on planking, façades and shop fronts
WeatherClad Performance Details
Density1300 kg/m3 +/-5%
Surface alkalinitypH 7-10
Flexural strength (along grain)10.50 MPa
Flexural strength (across grain)13.80 MPa
Moisture movement (EMC to saturated)0.25%
Moisture content≤10%
Thermal conductivity0.30 W/mK
Resistance to continuous heating80°C
Fire ratingA1 Non-Combustible
Freezing and thawing testNo alteration nor de-lamination after 25 cycles of freezing/thawing
WeatherClad Manufacturing Tolerances
Length tolerance+/- 5mm
Width tolerance+/- 5mm
Thickness tolerance+/- 0.3mm
Diagonal tolerance+/- 5mm
Note: Account for full-sized panels

Typical siding fixing detail

1. WeatherClad Siding
2. Timber Studs
3. Wall
Siding with timber frame
1. Versapanel
2. Membrane
3. Timber Stud Sub-Frame
4. Membrane
5. Insulation
6. WeatherClad Siding

Profiles and Accessories Range

The WeatherClad profiles and accessories are aluminium and coated to any RAL or BS Chart colour to match your WeatherClad boarding.

The range of profiles will help you to create a superb professional finish to your building.

Starter Profile
The Starter Profile is used to create an angle at the bottom or start of your cladding run. The bottom WeatherClad in your run sits into this angle.
90 degree External Corner Angle
The External Corner Angle is used to create an aesthetically pleasing look to your corner joints and also protects your WeatherClad edges at the corner.
External Corner/Window Reveal Angle(Asymmetric Corner)

For use when detaling on or around a window reveal.
Vertical Joint Profile
The Vertical Joint Profile can be used where there is a join between planks. This is fixed to your vertical batten and offers an alternative joint appearance.
End Profile
The End Profile is used at the end of a run of WeatherClad, hiding any inperfections. It also protects the WeatherClad from wear on the edges.
Connector Profile
The Connector Profile is used as an end trim when using Weatherclad as single panel around a window reveal.

Internal Corner Angle
The Internal Corner Angle is to be used when WeatherClad meets on an internal corner junction, ensuring a neat finish is achieved.

WeatherClad Nails
Available in 1kg bags (approx. 420 nails per 1kg)

Click below to download our WeatherClad Brochure in PDF format.

WeatherClad Brochure

WeatherClad is available in a vast range of colours plus woodstains or in natural for self decoration with a pure acrylic external grade paint. WeatherClad is rot free, moisture and impact resistant to enhance longevity.

WeatherClad is a calcium silicate board that is 100% free from asbestos. It is designed for use in direct weathering rainscreen cladding applications, with a range of coatings and finishes available and can also be used internally as a decorative façade.