Take a Break

Take a Break

In need of a little break but still want to keep yourself in that architectural headspace? Why not take our architectural trivia quiz, or watch a TED Talk that takes a more oblique look at the social art and artful science of architecture?

Four questions, four choices, two minutes. Go!

Organic algorithms in architecture

Turning dunes into architecture

How architecture helped music evolve

How architecture can create dignity for all

Will there ever be a mile-high skyscraper?

Architecture for the people by the people

3 warp-speed architecture tales

Why great architecture should tell a story

Hedonistic sustainability

17 words of architectural inspiration

Architecture that repairs itself?

Architecture that senses and responds

The Blur Building and other ‘tech’ architecture

Why architects need to use their ears

How the tallest skyscraper was built

How architecture can connect us

A tour of modern architecture

Building the Seed Cathedral

Using nature’s genius in architecture

Buildings that blend nature and city

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